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FiddyShare™( has been registered until ( 12/29/2025) and is operated soley and responsibly by one of the internets top marketers @MrFredSpears.

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FiddyShare Social Media Marketers MUST be subscribed and have an active account in order to receive payments for their sharing efforts, this is to ensure everyone stays up to date with any new marketing procedures.

FiddyShare I.O.U's have the same lifespan as the domain registration where as long as @MrFredSpears can sell 1 FiddyShare per year the domain and I.O.U's will never expire, he expects to personally sell between 40 and 400 FiddyShare's per month.

The FiddyShare system ONLY registers I.O.U payments for unique IP addresses, each click IS a target market lead who is looking to make $50 dollars a click. Our marketing tools are sold for $50 dollars and when sales are made those payments go directly to one of our FiddyShare marketers.

Simple Success:
1: Buy the marketing tools to come work with @MrFredSpears.
2: Promote the website.
3: Earn $50 dollars a click for the unique IP addresses of target market leads.

You dont have to make sales, you dont have to create downlines, you dont have to generate referrals, you ONLY need to share your personal FiddyShare link to generate income.

All earnings from FiddyShare are direct payments at point of sale for the marketing tools AND traffic sales, we do not hold your balance OR issue cash outs.

Once a unique IP address hits our website that IP becomes LOCKED TO THE APPROPREATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER INDEFINATLY. This is to ensure that the proper FiddyShare marketer gets paid for a productively placed share (I.E. their personal facebook page or profile). However, if that marketer has no remaining I.O.U's left in our system that shared link will now only produce income towards UNpaid I.O.U's in out system. (yours included)

Advanced Marketers Notes:
When FiddyShare is promoted on other websites, that domain becomes LOCKED TO THE APPROPREATE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETER INDEFINATLY. This is to ensure the first time a sale converts from that website you will receive an immediate I.O.U payment for your efforts, additional sales from that advertising placement from then on will produce income towards UNpaid I.O.U's in our system. (yours included)

2 Available Optional Upgrades:
How would you like to increase your online marketing success with (everything) by 10000% in less than 6 seconds, and yes, i said ten thousand percent. NO ebook, NO studying, NO joke. Wanna know more?

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FiddyShare enableds computer illiterates to make more money then Google and Facebook combined. Sound silly? Goto both google and facebook right now and ask yourself, did either of them just earn $50 dollars from your click.... Right, they didnt.

Join us NOW! Follow the simple instructions and lets make some big money together.

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